another new one

Bernardo came to visit…

Kelly came to visit!!!
this is what we got up to

and don’t forget to check out the videos we posted last week
9 ALL NEW video clips!!

Johnny Panda makes his debut!

Happy Birthday Vig and Melissa! <3
the ‘snow’ is the result of poor lighting(this was a quick experiment)

may 25th, 2019

here are a bunch more silly little clips (posted may 12/2019)

these are the 5 clips i mentioned earlier

my computer had a hissy fit so i have been locked out of youtube for almost a month…had to start a new channel (arrrgh)
this is just a little doodle to see if everything is going to be tickety-boo.
(No sound – No credits – just setting up the new Youtube channel)

April 25, 2019
Mark likes to ‘play’ G.T.A. and i have figured out how to capture it
here’s the first installment

March 2019

Here are three snippets from Mark’s birthday… no audio on the first 2

here is the latest (we will do this again but i will need a hand wrangling Mark)

the extended version

a few  videos my brother kevin uploaded some time ago

here’s a little teaser from the Mark Backs Show

another teaser…still a long way from good but i am having fun

Here are the new opening credits for The Mark Backs Show

I was having trouble dealing with losing my mom. i got angry and threw a cup across the room – good thing no one got hurt.
my brother grabbed some dishes and took me outside where i could break some dishes safely and get some of that anger out.