I have been collecting puppets for years. In Haliburton I did puppet shows in a daycare center. I love entertaining kids. Most of these puppets play characters in my show “Sparky’s Playhouse” which I am planning. It will be like “Mr. Dressup”

Sparky – Sparky is the star of Sparky’s playhouse.

Charlie McCarthy- As one of Edger Bergen’s old frinds, this guy doesn’t need any introduction

Miss Edna – She’s interesting, and bears a likeness to Miss Piggy

LampChop – A classic puppet.

Kermit – Technically I think this is a muppet not a puppet

George the Bear – George doesn’t see so well, but has an advanced sense of smell.

What’s this lady’s name? – I have to name this puppet, maybe you’ll name it!

Mortimer Snerd – Thanks again Edger Bergen

The Cat – The cat sleeps with her eyes open.

Chuck – Chuck is a gorilla with a warm heart.